Strategic ways for the BEST business case

27 of march - 5 of april 2022

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About course

Content and topics

We will start with the theory and basics of developing a business plan, form an idea of what it is. Then, under the guidance of professors, we will have a look at the process of project management and will develop our own business project step by step. At each stage, thanks to lectures and practices, we will learn some theory on topics that are important for a well-done business project. Also we will see how a successful business works from the inside during a company visit. Soft-skills are in the focus of the program. We will have many opportunities to train them thanks to different cross-cultural communications. Corporate partners of the program will give us insights about the importance of these skills for our employability and careers. At the end, we will present our business projects to the professional (mixed academic and corporate) jury to demonstrate the knowledge and skills we have gained and get instant feedback from the experts.

Learning goals and objectives

Understand the mechanism of gradual development of your own business project. Develop the concept of creating a unique product and brand. Find out how it can be promoted in the future. Understand how to assemble the most effective team of professionals and how to manage this team and motivate it. To identify what soft skills are necessary for your success in business and learn how to develop them. Being part of an international team, create a real business plan with the best professors and defend it.

About the University

The course is delivered by Graduate School of Economics and Management, the dynamic business school driving the business and management talents development in Ekaterinburg, one of the most innovative, smart and ambitious cities in the heart of Russia on the border of Europe and Asia. Find out more about the school and the region via the links

About us

We are the Local BEST Group of Ekaterinburg UrFU and we want to invite you to visit us in a city located near the Ural Mountains, right in the border of Europe and Asia for a course for 10 unforgettable days! After all, only outside the capital you can feel the true spirit, country, right?



Alina Repnikova

Academic responsible

Yulia Glazkova

Main Organizer

Maria Chashchina